The art page is a virtual gallery for some of HYPE’s artwork. HYPE is the pseudonym used by Drew St.Claire- for more on the moniker and the artist, check out the “About” page. Currently, the gallery is being rotated by theme. This is only some of HYPE’s work- most of it is given away as gifts or kept by the artist and never shown. All works are acrylic on canvas unless otherwise noted. Most works are for sale and available to show publicly. Contact for information on purchasing or booking. Check back often, since new works will be put up and others will be rehung. Enjoy!

Currently Showing:

No current shows.

Upcoming Shows:
No upcoming shows.


Past Shows:

Lily’s Pizza (Raleigh)

Cup-A-Joe (Raleigh)

Jack Sprat Cafe (Chapel Hill)

the Visual Art Exchange Gallery: “Open Source Exhibit” (Raleigh)


Friendship, 2010

Fist, 2011

Raleigh, 2010

A Visual Interpretation of Trickle Down Economics, 2011

Stigmata, 2011. Acrylic and blood on canvas.

 Floor-a and Fawn-a

Self Portrait with a Baby Walrus, 2011

Origami Crane in a Cage, 2011

Black Sheep, 2009-2010

Tree, 2009

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